Well, tumblr, it’s been fun.

But I no longer have any interest in GOT/ASOIAF/tumblr/this fandom.

You can always find me trolling on ONTD.


when joffrey cuts up that book that tyrion gave him

the book that only has 4 copies in the entire kingdoms

my face:

As a bibliophile that offended me more than anything else Joffrey did in the entire series. (And I’m not interested in your righteous indignation of ‘REALLY? BUT WHAT ABOUT SO-AND-SO? THAT WAS WAY WORSE.)

Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar died.

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Rhaegar was also kind of a douche.

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I left Sansa out because she almost got Arya’s wolf killed, and for that I can never forgive her. >:(

But no, the issue is not, as you so eloquently put, how I ‘frame my shit’, it’s the overreaction my words evoke in you. Cersei is a bitch. You probably think a few of the male characters in the series are pricks, and wouldn’t have been offended if, say, I’d called Thorne a massive douche. Or Joffrey. I fucking hate Joffrey. That little dick got what was coming to him far too late - but that’s beside the point. I’m not showing sexism, I’m showing that sometimes, you use words to describe people because they fit accurately, and, just as with a male who you would call asshole, prick, douchebag, etc, there are a few gender-specific terms for women, as well. In fact, the first definition for ‘bitch’ under slang is, “A selfish, unpleasant, or malicious person, especially a woman.”

So I ask you - if I can use male-specific insults, why not the female ones? If she didn’t deserve it, and someone else had said it - like, say, if they’d insulted Arya with it - I’d be most upset. Not because they insulted a woman, but because they insulted a genuinely likable character.

I also fail to see how it’s sexist of me to talk about this when I reference truly strong women, and how Cersei drags them down through her malevolence. I shouldn’t not be allowed to insult someone just because of their gender - we’re both human. If you’re a horrible person, I reserve the right to insult you however I choose.

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The eloquent-escapist? Really? Yo, I think you might need to change your username.

Everything about that is wrong. You are wrong. Just sit there in your wrongness and think about it.

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I kind of think of us all as Professors in the ASOIAF Department of some university, like we each have our own area of expertise, and then we start arguing with each other, and so forth.

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I majored in Martell, though I do have a minor in Tyrell. I tried to get a Masters in Greyjoy, but then I took a year off.

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So I guess I’m the person always switching majors because they get bored and spends most of their time jerking off instead of studying. Oop.

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More of George and Parris being pressed.

Parris left this comment in a NAB entry from 2010. Nine years after the Hugo Awards.

I’m still bitter and angry about that particular rocket. Rowling writes in the genre, but she is not of the genre, if you get my meaning, and Storm of Swords is a mighty Everest of fantasy writing.

Hell, despite multiple attempts to contact Rowling and even her editors at the US publisher to let them know of the nomination, the con com had to find a childrens”s librarian who was attending the convention to ‘accept’ the award in Rowlings name. I don’t think the publisher even bothered to tell the con com where to send the rocket.

No, I don’t get your meaning. You sound like a pressed bitch. I mean, mighty Everest of fantasy writing? Please call a doctor and have your head dislodged from your anus.

And then George has this to say in the same entry regarding HP:

Actually, I don’t mind Harry Potter… although the last book sucked. THe ones that came before were enjoyable enough.

My friend Melinda Snodgrass had a much better ending for the HP seires than the one Rowling came up with. And I won’t even get into the hundres of pages of Harry Goes Camping.

For kid’s fantasy, I’d take HP over Narnia any day.

I can’t imagine GRRM reacting too well to another high profile author flat out saying his latest book sucked, though they would be quite right to do so.

Um, no one gives a shit about your friend Melinda Snodgrass. Why even bother mentioning it.

Okay, I think George has every right to say he doesn’t like a particular book. But combined with the previous comments he’s made whenever he shades HP it comes off as very childish, as if he can’t believe she finished her series and it’s so much more popular even though his series is *clearly* (in his eyes) superior.

Get the fuck over it.



The Reign of Terror by George R R Martin.


^this. w/e grrm.

JKR actually kills characters I care about though.

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R+L=J+OC=N+B+L-N+Dany’s daughter (immaculate conception)/-L+Sansan’s son


Wow, that’s um, intense.

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I recommended ASoIaF to a guy who’s really been annoying me. I cannot describe how pleased I was when he said he’d check it out. It’s like The Ring but the end of the tape is just NFL updates and posts about calendars. SomethingAwful forums