Well, tumblr, it’s been fun.

But I no longer have any interest in GOT/ASOIAF/tumblr/this fandom.

You can always find me trolling on ONTD.

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    I am so sad right now. Ginny’s was my favorite tumblr and I would check it every day back when Game of Thrones was on....
  3. shadowpiranha said: See you on ONTD <3
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    I’m sorry to see you go, love! I’m going to miss you. Stay your hilarious and snarky self and maybe we’ll meet again....
  5. psqqa said: ngl, I’m going to miss you. I don’t generally take well to bitchy people, but you have added so much amusement to my tumblr experience. So thanks for that. Take care and stay awesome!
  6. adventuresatsea said: :( you were a voice of hilarious reason and enjoyable snark!
  7. your-forestlass said: GINNY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. thewritersramblings said: nooooooooooooooo i’ll miss you :’( u always made me smile and laugh
  9. fuckyeahnickcage said: NOOOO :( we will miss you!
  10. rubyseauxheaux said: Good Night Sweet Prince. It’s been fun but I don’t blame you for leaving.
  11. fauxkaren said: :(
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    really liked this blog. I hope this isn’t due to...trolling. (Though I really dont like...
  13. thegeeksalmanac said: well this sucks…i’m going to miss your snarky-ness on my dash. *single tear rolls down cheek*
  14. johntheprocrastinator said: just don’t delete the blog/profile/wtv. i don’t want to lose all of your amazing posts.
  15. tokyo4dinner said: i always enjoyed your wit and intellect! thanks for the memories and take care :)
  16. teacupcastles said: T_____________________________T
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