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So, my srs business theme baking extravaganza, A Song of Icing Sugar and Fire, is over. I don’t know who won, but it wasn’t me. I ended up going to a party last night with my lips stained dark from mixing black and red icing and accidentally happening to taste it everyone and then.

It was so worth the wait to let my Targaryen dragons dry - they are my absolute favourite. Martell sun-and-spears were a casualty of my mistake in covering them with a damp towel as the black and red bled together. My Stark direwolves were beautiful, but I was anxious to get them done, so I stuck them in the freezer which, in hindsight, was dumb as it make them pretty ugly. All in all, if I did it again, I’d probably work with fondant for the bases and be prepared to allow 24 hours for drying time. idk if there’ll be a next time - maybe A Song of Ice and Cupcakes? Never underestimate boredom.

For people who are asking, these are Nigella’s Butter Cut-Out Biscuits (naturally they are delicioussss) and their frosted with the meringue icing recipe and technique from Sweetopia, NOT fondant, though I did pipe them pretty thick because om nom nom sugar in my belly.

You can see pictures of the individual cookies HERE, but be wary for they are not so pretty up close (sugar cracks, I’ll have you know, and I made many emergency surgeries to stick on fallen limbs and dragon heads - who could have known that Westeros houses could be so breakable?).

Now I’m off, like Saturn, to devour some of my children with milk - Saturn might have missed out on that detail. Don’t worry, Jackie, I’m saving some for our online tea party :DDD

(And none for Walder Frey, bye.)

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